Solutions to Outdoor Lighting Problems

Jan 25, 2022

Outdoor lighting may provide you the flexibility to enjoy your property whenever you want, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with increased protection and the realization of your ideal backyard. Outdoor lighting can be harmed by vermin and the elements due to its location in the vast outdoors, resulting in failures. These issues may jeopardize some of the efforts you’ve made to improve your financial situation, and in certain situations, they may even put your family at risk.

It’s critical to understand how to spot problems with your outdoor lighting and prevent them from occurring, therefore maximizing the benefits and limiting the hazards. Continue reading to learn how to solve a handful of the most prevalent issues.

How to Deal with Failed Connectors

Lighting connections link your lights to their power supply, as their name implies. The connectors in properly planned outdoor lighting systems will be protected from the elements by using weatherproof connectors. They protect them from damage caused by water and inclement weather. If these connectors come loose or they are not properly connected in the first place, you risk burning out the fixture or lamp.
In some circumstances, when the wrong connectors are used, water gets on these wires from rain or sprinklers and damage may occur. When that happens, the chance of a short circuit increases, which leads to a failed system.

Problems with your lighting connections should only be handled by a trained outdoor lighting specialist. Replacement of any frayed or broken connectors, as well as the addition of weatherproofing guards, are possible options to ensure that your system is not further damaged.

Keeping Bugs and Animals Out of Your Outdoor Lighting

Small bugs and rodents are attracted to the electricity and will often gravitate towards any heat, and lighting fixtures. Squirrels, rabbits and moles have also been known to eat through exposed cables. Even if they are properly sealed, these pests can enter inside outdoor lighting fixtures, especially those that are located in the ground. Pests can also gain access to transformers used in outdoor lighting systems, which may cause significant damage. If you have a pest problem, you have a few alternatives for dealing with it.
To begin, you may spend money on pest control. There are various DIY alternatives for dealing with specific animals. For example, you can purchase mole deterrents from any big box store which you can install. You can buy wasp spray and spray them when you find a wasp nest.

A lightning maintenance check could also be scheduled. Your outdoor lighting professionals can inspect your electrical fittings to make sure pests haven’t wreaked havoc. We can work to repair or replace those elements after we have a thorough knowledge of the damage, so your lights will be as good as new.

Light Bulbs That Have Been Burned Out

LEDs survive a long period; however, they do not last indefinitely. If you already have the correct bulb size and wattage, replacing the broken bulb should not be too difficult. It may be more cost- and time-effective to replace all the lights at the same time rather than individual bulbs in this scenario.

If you’re always dealing with burned-out bulbs, you’ve got a different problem on your hands. If outdoor lighting bulbs are put incorrectly, they can burn out too frequently. If the voltage going to each bulb varies, for example, you’ll wind up with bulbs of different brightness that burn out regularly. Outdoor lights that are powered by a multi-tap transformer might potentially cause issues. If one bulb burns out, the rest of the bulbs may be exposed to too much electricity. These bulbs will also burn out as a result of this.

You may always ask your trusted lighting pros to change the bulbs for you if you have these troubles or are simply unclear about the wattage of your lights. We can also assist you in determining if the problem is a simple one-time remedy or a more complex one, so you can handle it the first time rather than having to deal with repair after repair that adds up.

Lighting Socket Corrosion Solutions and Worn Fixture Seals

The bulb socket is included in most basic outdoor lighting fixtures, as are weatherproof seals. The seals are made of rubber, which can degrade over time as a result of age, heat, and water exposure. Your socket will be exposed to the outdoors and more likely to rust if the seal breaks. Keep in mind that when defective connectors expose the wiring inside to water, corrosion is more prone to form. Here are a few options for preventing this harm.

To begin, you can purchase lighting fixtures that are specifically built and organized to reduce retained moisture. Socket corrosion can be avoided by draining water more efficiently. Adding weather guards to further waterproof them might increase the level of security.

If there is already some moisture in your fixture, your seal will most likely need to be changed. If the socket has already corroded, it will also need to be replaced. Even though the light hasn’t yet failed.

Regular Maintenance Protects Your Outdoor Lighting

You may be confident that your outdoor lighting systems will last a long time, thanks to our exceptional workmanship and high-quality lighting materials. We also provide maintenance contracts to ensure that your system continues to function properly. Don’t try to figure out how to get out of the dark on your own; arrange a consultation with our staff today!