All the Fun of Hearing your Favorite Band Live, Without the Long Lines.

Rich, clear sound that’s so artfully balanced your backyard will be your favorite new outdoor music venue.

We proudly offer our professional Outdoor Audio in the following cities: 


Ready to create a stop-you-in-your-tracks, iconic outdoor entertainment area? An outdoor audio system is essential equipment. If your outdoor living area is the cake, then picture your premium outdoor audio system as the icing on that cake ; a vital part of any well-appointed outdoor living space.

Every one of our premium-quality outdoor audio system begins with the finest audio equipment, discreetly placed within your landscape, and artistically arranged to achieve the perfect balance of rich sound. Weatherproof speakers that keep on jamming through rain and snow, and technology that’s easy to use and integrate with your existing music-streaming app.



A little bit of love goes a long way toward keeping your premium outdoor audio system rocking just like the day you got it. And with a routine maintenance plan, your audio system gets that love, with periodic check ups from our professionals. With a maintenance plan, every component is carefully inspected, every part of your outdoor audio system tested to ensure peak performance. A premium outdoor audio system is a wise investment in your home. Protect that investment with a professional outdoor audio maintenance plan.



Already playing air guitar along with your future outdoor audio system? Better give us a ring so we can get started on it asap!