We believe that an artistic outdoor lighting design can deepen the beauty in any home -from a cottage to a castle. And that the best designs should stir feeling in the heart, not simply put on a show for the eyes. They should always be one of a kind – never the exact same as another outdoor lighting design. How do we deliver such a remarkable, unique experience to every customer? A vision for the big picture. Skillful mastery in the use of light and shadow. Hours of research, thoughtful planning, and consideration for the placement of every fixture. Prudent selection of only the very best outdoor lighting equipment. Years of experience creating and installing outdoor lighting designs.

When quiet looks of wonder and amazement are a customer’s reaction when a new design comes to life for the very first time – perhaps followed with a softly whispered “wow” – we know we’ve succeeded again. We’ve made the home more beautiful – to the eyes and the heart.

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