Outdoor Lighting for Businesses and Venues

Jul 18, 2023

Making an investment in your business is always a process involving careful planning and financial calculations – yet making those investments is often the only way to grow the business and improve future cash flow. Most successful improvements to a business do one of two things: expand the business’s capabilities or increase visibility. For the right type of business or venue, installing an outdoor lighting system could do both! Even if your business or rentable venue already has some form of outdoor light in place – there are still some invaluable perks to updating or replacing the system with the help of Carolina Outdoor Lighting.

To understand the many benefits outdoor lighting can offer your business, let’s break down the discussion into two categories: business vs venues.

Boons for Businesses

  • Grab Attention: Most brick and mortar businesses already spend a significant amount of capital on their signage and store-front decor – the styles selected speak to the brand or mission statement on first impression. However, you lose valuable advertising hours during the night if your business becomes invisible to the passing eye. Having appealing light bringing focus to your business’s exterior and landscape will immediately help you grab the attention of your customers. 
  • Increase security: In addition to the aesthetic value that well designed outdoor lighting brings, there are also significant safety benefits. Having your building appropriately lit can prevent a litany of unwanted activity such as theft, vandalism, or trespassing. (Often, the most significant step one can take to prevent these crimes is making the business an unappealing target.) Furthermore, lit walkways or parking areas prevent injuries and accidents for both your customers and employees. 
  • Expand Ability: Especially in the heat of the summer, people want nothing more than to spend the cool evenings outside. For restaurants, bars, or any outdoor seating area, it’s important to have lighting that is balanced, beautiful, and not shining in your customers eyes. It may seem sufficient to throw up a string of bistro lights – and that is a great start! – but on their own they are simply not enough to tastefully – and safely – provide the necessary illumination. Lighting surfaces and foliage that diffuse light through an area can help you make use of all corners of your outdoor areas – letting you serve more customers better!

Advantages for Venues

  • Increase Availability: For most rentable locations or event venues, revenue stream is dependent on the amount of time the location can be made available for the clientele. Being able to effectively extend a venue’s working hours later into the night can open up new opportunities for hosting weddings, concerts, celebrations or other events. 
  • Elevate the Space: The primary goal of every installation Carolina Outdoor Lighting tackles is to highlight the beauty existing in a space. Features that become obscured by the dark can now become gathering points for your guests. Use moonlighting to create natural light patterns on paths, or bring the focus onto your stage or bar area. No matter how much you are looking to invest, our design team will make sure it brings your venue to the next tier. 
  • Better Branding:  As part of the natural course of our business, we frequently practice night photography that can display the work we have accomplished. When your space is your product, it is critical you have images that clearly represent the quality and conditions of your venue – especially if your venue offers evening openings. This allows prospective clients to better plan their events as well as gives you a beautiful representation of your space at all hours of the day. When the installation is completed, our designers can guide you through the process of capturing the perfect image – material that can be valuable on your business’s website or any of its marketing materials. 

The Pros of Hiring COL

One of the most important advantages of hiring Carolina Outdoor Lighting – aside from a premium design team – is that we offer Preventative Maintenance Programs. In order to achieve the maximum benefits from your system it is important to make sure that your outdoor lighting system is always performing at its best. Response time for repairs is always fast – as we understand lost light could mean lost revenue. To get a free estimate or simply meet with the designers, give us a call!