Frequently Asked Questions from Our Clients

Jul 30, 2023

After being in business for over half a decade, we’ve worked with countless customers and heard just about every question about outdoor lighting you can imagine. To help you get a better understanding of outdoor lighting systems and what we can do for you as a business, we will compile here a few of our most frequently addressed topics. If for some reason your question isn’t addressed here, don’t be afraid to reach out using the contact links here on our website!


About Outdoor Lighting


1. How much does a new lighting system cost?
An industry rule of thumb suggests investing about 1% of the total value of your home into outdoor lighting. Carolina Outdoor Lighting offers several different packages however which can meet most budgets. New systems start at around $3000, but the average sized installation is closer to $10,000.

2. How much will a lighting system raise the electric bill?
Because we use low-voltage LED lights, there will be a very minimal change to your electric bill. The average sized system will add around $2.00 to the monthly bill. Please reach out if you would like a calculation that is tailored specifically to your installation.

3. How do the lights turn on and off?
Depending on your preferences there are many options to choose. We use pin timers which automatically turn the system on and off at set times and can be adjusted manually for the very simple client who does not want anything digital or high tech. We also use astronomical timers – which function similarly, but automatically adjust their on/off time by a minute or two every day to keep up with daylight savings. Finally, at our highest tier, we offer Smart Socket timers, which allow you to completely control your lighting system directly from an app on your phone!

4. What do the lights look like?
When you work with Carolina Outdoor Lighting, you can select a fixture design that best matches your landscapes theme. As for the light itself, we have found that standardizing our systems to the 2700K – 3000K color temperature creates the most visually pleasing tones without ever washing out the landscape. If you wish however, we also offer color changing light systems which can be adjusted to shine across a variety of hues. If you want to see some examples of what homes look like when they are lit up, explore the rest of our website! We have lots of pictures of our fixtures and installations.


About Our Services


1. Will COL make repairs on pre-existing lighting systems?
Absolutely! We can tackle a wide range of service and repairs on your lighting system: replacing bulbs, cleaning and adjusting hard to reach fixtures, burying exposed wire, replacing damaged connections with high quality parts – we do it all. Give us a call and we can take a look at your system to provide you a quote!

2. Does COL offer solar lighting?
We do not. The current state of the industry is such that there aren’t any solar lighting fixtures on the market that meet our standards for quality, consistency, and durability. While solar lights may seem like the more environmentally conscious option, they are inevitably going to fail and end up in a landfill. Our low voltage systems are meant to last and have a very low draw on your electrical systems. If solar technology can catch up and become more reliable we’ll revisit this discussion. 

3. What areas does COL serve?
We are based around Asheville, North Carolina, and service most areas within a 100 mile radius. However, our main goal is to serve your needs, and may drive further in some cases. Here is a list of counties we work in:

4. How soon can COL complete my installation?
The exact timeline will depend on the details of your installation. The installation itself should only take a few days, but including the design meetings and shipping time the total project will take 2-3 weeks.

5. What is the first step to getting an outdoor lighting system?
If you are interested in getting an outdoor lighting system, the best first step is to give us a call! Our talented and experienced designers can guide you through the process of selecting an outdoor lighting system that fits your needs and offer you a complimentary estimate. (These meetings usually last about 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the size of your property.) We’d love to hear from you!


If there are any questions we didn’t cover in this article, just ask! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We’re more than happy to answer questions and discuss your lighting needs.