A Family Tends to Grow

May 19, 2023

For the last five years, Carolina Outdoor Lighting has established itself as the premium custom lighting company in Western North Carolina. Yes, that status takes hard work to maintain, but it also requires thoughtfulness, passion, and continual expansion of our resources and education. If you have been with our company since the beginning, you may have even noticed new fixtures or new lighting components and even fresh faces arriving at your home. If you have visited us before, even this very website may look unfamiliar! There is a degree of responsibility that comes with our position as the premium designers of outdoor lighting in this region of Western North Carolina, and part of that virtue of integrity is to be clear with our customers when we change the way we do business. To that end, we would love for you to take a moment to get to know the new us, and see all the ways we have improved!


New Faces

If you have had us stop by for a maintenance visit or an installation, you will have likely met our two newest technicians – Logan and Terran. Though they are relatively new to the team, COL has developed a comprehensive training program that has thoroughly prepared them for anything they might face in the field. The two of them took to it like otters to the sea. They rocketed through the basic training and dived headfirst into the more complex topics of design and electrical theory. They are passionate on-site problem solvers, and are always focused on delivering the best product possible to our customers. They are both avid outdoorsmen, lovers of music, and always excited to meet new people. Don’t be afraid to come say hello!


New Tools

We are always on the hunt for the most durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing fixtures we can find. To that end we are beginning our implementation of a new Lumien brand system. We believe the reliability and customization options make this transition a really good choice for some. Lumien fixtures can each be programmed individually with a remote and have the option for dimmability and even color changing! We are also now offering installations for high-quality outdoor audio systems – a rather recent change. Check out our blog “Outdoor Audio – Live Seamlessly”  to learn about this new offer! You may have noticed our new truck wrap driving around town or parked outside of your home. These are just a couple of the changes we’ve made, however. From little things like the hardware we use to mount wire to new big ideas in design and lighting implementation we are constantly striving to improve!


New Ideas

Education doesn’t stop at the end of the training modules. Our lead designer and owner Jason has created a reliable network of industry professionals from across the country. Whether at in-person conferences or online zoom meetings there is always a new tip or trick arriving onto the scene to produce more seamless, visually stunning, outdoor scenes. Using this network we continually improve our methods and bring you the cutting edge of the industry. So whether you are a new customer or a returning client, know you are always getting the best there is to offer. 


Growing Better

We aren’t trying to become a massive corporate structure – we aren’t focused on growing bigger. We are focused on growing better. We want to always be the first people that come to mind when you want the job done right. We have high standards for ourselves, and are raising that bar with every new installation. So yes, you might see us doing things a little bit differently, and some new faces doing the doing. You may even notice that we stop on the job – we are not always taking a break, we may be training our team or putting our heads together to figure out the best way to do something. We hope you notice the improvement! If you want to learn more about how we do business, check out some of our other posts here on our website or reach out to connect!