Outdoor Audio – Live Seamlessly

Apr 18, 2023

It is always the right time to be outside when you have an integrated outdoor audio and lighting system. The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina stretch all the way into your backyard, and can create the perfect setting for any activity. Whether it’s tending your garden, playing catch with the kids, a dinner party, or simply taking in the sunset on the west porch, we can help you make the most of the experience – day and night. 

If you are considering adding a lighting system to your property – or even if you already have one – take a moment to consider the added value an outdoor audio system could bring to your home. Perhaps you have lost an airpod in the grass while mowing the yard, or struggled with the battery life of your mobile speaker, or simply crave the higher quality surround sound you can usually only find in luxury vehicles and movie theaters. When you hire Carolina Outdoor Lighting for your audio needs, rich high-quality sounds will be ready at the push of a button, wherever you are. End the disruptions, distractions, and technological shortcomings. Live seamlessly. 

The music! Where is the music? 

Whenever our team installs an audio system in an outdoor space, our goal is to immerse you in the  moment. Strategically placed speakers should disappear into the landscape, yet emphasize it – just like your lighting. Our goal is for you to feel the music, not see it.  No matter the size or shape of the space, we balance the selection of speakers for that perfect sound. We can also now offer subterranean subwoofers to get extra bass boost on those all-time favorites. Plus, all of our audio systems have integrated Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to access your system on the fly or quickly allow a friend to share their new tune.  

But is it right for me?

Our designers here at COL know that every person – and every property – is unique. To that end, we offer different tiers of audio installations to select from, allowing you to find the perfect balance of coverage and cost that fits your specific needs. You can choose to focus the sound in the most frequented locations on your property, or make sure that you’ll be able to enjoy your audio no matter where you roam in your yard. Our designers will help you select the fixture styles that best compliments your existing systems, or guide you in creating brand new focal points from spaces that have been here-to overlooked. 

Whatever tier – or combination of – you choose, it will be installed with care and detailed attention. When our team selects audio speakers and connections for your property, we only use high-quality, weather resistant hardware that includes manufacturer warranties – ensuring your investment lasts through all the weather NC has to offer. Carolina Outdoor Lighting was not a business created to make a quick buck – rather one designed to provide premium systems and lasting satisfaction.                                   

We understand that, though the concept of seamless outdoor audio is undeniably appealing, it can be a big decision. So if you think this might be what you are missing, just contact us! We can walk you through the process, answer all of your questions, and even bring our Quick-Connect Audio System to your home to let you get a first-hand glimpse of the future you could be living.

Your life with COL Outdoor Audio:

When the sun starts to set across the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the songbirds slow their twittering, pour yourself an icy drink and slip into your favorite chair in the grass. Find that song that always seems to touch your heart, no matter how many times it plays, and discover that with your outdoor audio system in place, this familiar song sounds somehow new here – as if it were the very mountains singing back to you now. As darkness falls and your favorite trees and stones begin to glow with the quiet lights of your outdoor lighting system, take it in – make the most of it. You’re home.